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        Haitian International

        Haitian International is specialized in the manufacturing?the precise, efficient, energy saving and?eco-friendly injection molding machines, and currently?is possessing the injection molding machine production?base with highest production and sales volume?in the world and advanced technology at home. In?2006, Haitian International was successfully?listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Haitian International strengthens the enterprise with technology?with three brands ?Zhafir“, ?Haitian“ and ?Tianjian“?which face the high, middle and low end market respectively.?At present, the economic index of Haitian?International ranks leading in the industry all?around the world, and the products show the highest?level of the Chinese injection molding machine.

        Haitian Precision

        Haitian Precision was founded in 2002 and specializes in the large, high-speed and precision numerical controlled machinery. Currently, it has developed three production bases including Dagang Precision, Yanshan Precision, and Dalian Precision with products covering 6 series and dozens of varieties and specifications including gantry machining center, horizontal machining center, numerical controlled cutting and milling center, vertical machining center, numerical controlled large horizontal boring and milling machine, numerical control vertical lathe, and so on.

        Since its establishment, Haitian Precision has been awarded honors such as “Top 10 Enterprise of Output Value in Domestic Numerical Control Industry” and “Top 10 Enterprise with Independent Innovation”. In 2016, Haitian Precision was successfully listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange.

        Haitian Drive Systems

        Haitian Drive Systems was established in 2006 and specializes in the energy-saving, eco-friendly and new energy technical products with efficient power, and the business covers four fields namely control technology, automatic technology, new energy technology, hydraulic driving system with RD and manufacturing of over 10 products such as AC servo drive system, servo manipulator, new energy vehicle, and hydraulic drive with several technical patents. In addition, Haitian Drive Systems is undertaking the RD and manufacturing of the state-level projects, and the products are able to completely substitute the imported products, and have been widely applied in the industries including machinery, electronics, automation, shipping, and logistics.

        Haitian DIE CASTING

        Haitian Die Casting formally came into operation in 2016. Insisting on the idea of precision equipment manufacturing and management, Haitian Precision specializes in various series of die-casting machines. Continuing its tradition of independent innovation, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and sustainable development as well as serving the entire world, with the industrial platform advantages of Haitian International, Haitian Precision and Haitian Drive Systems, Haitian Precision is contributing towards the progress of the die-casting industry, and is providing customers with die-casting complete set equipment and solutions with high cost performance because of its advanced technology, reliable quality, and efficient service, and serving clients with the production capacity of producing the competitive die-casting products.